Geissmann, T. (1989). Multiple births in catarrhine monkeys and apes - A review. Il Sedicesimo, Firenze, Italy, 78 pp. ISBN 88-85342-02-7

Multiple Births in Catarrhine Monkeys and Apes - A Review

Thomas Geissmann

ISBN 88-85342-02-7, 1989, Paperback, 78 pages, 5 figures, 7 tables. Il Sedicesimo, Firenze, Italy.

Text on Back Cover:

Although Old World primates as a rule give birth only to single offspring, multiple births are known to occur. However, they occur only rarely and this may have discouraged detailed research on this topic, with the last comprehensive review dating from 1948. Nevertheless, explicit statements about the frequencies, causes and sonsequences of multiple births in Old Wold primates have been repeatedly published in the primatological literature.

This monograph reviews and examines published data on multiple births in nonhuman catarrhine primates. This review reveals that:

  1. most data consist of anecdotal reports,
  2. many of the statements are either based on inadequate samples or
  3. seem to be derived from supposed (but unsupported) analogies with the human condition.

Examination of the original data shows that most current concepts concerning multiple births in Old World primates are not supported by available evidence. Nevertheless, certain general principles emerge from this review that may assist future research.

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1. Introduction
2. Material and Methods
3. Occurrence of Multiple Births in Various Catarrhine Species
4. Triple Births
5. Zygosity of Twin Sets
6. Complications in Gestation and Birth
7. Complications in Postnatal Development and Rearing
8. Twinning Frequency
8.1 Cercopithecoidea
8.2 Hominoidea
8.3 Monozygotic and Dizygotic Twinning Rates
9. Possible Influences on Twinning rate
10. Summary and Conclusions
Subject Index


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