Geissmann, T., Grindley, M. E., Ngwe Lwin, Saw Soe Aung, Thet Naing Aung, Saw Blaw Htoo, and Momberg, F. (2013). The conservation status of hoolock gibbons in Myanmar. Gibbon Conservation Alliance, Zürich, Switzerland. xii + 157 pp. ISBN: 978-3-033-04358-9.

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The Conservation Status of Hoolock Gibbons in Myanmar

Thomas Geissmann, Mark E. Grindley, Ngwe Lwin, Saw Soe Aung, Thet Naing Aung, Saw Blaw Htoo, and Frank Momberg

ISBN 978-3-033-04358-9, 2013, in electronic format (PDF) only, xii+157 page. Gibbon Conservation Alliance, Zürich, Switzerland.

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Hoolock gibbons are small apes of South-east Asia, and Myanmar is believed to be their last stronghold. In Bangladesh, India, and China, most forests supporting the hoolock gibbons are small and highly fragmented. Myanmar, in contrast, is thought to have huge areas of hoolock gibbon habitat in good quality and to hold significant populations of both the western and the eastern hoolock gibbon. This report takes the first detailed look at the status of each Myanmar’s hoolock species.

Until now, conservation actions for the hoolock gibbons in Myanmar were constrained by a lack of data on their distribution, population size and threats. We addressed this need by conducting a nationwide review of the status of the species based on: (1) a review of the taxonomic and ecological knowledge on both hoolock species throughout their range, (2) a compilation of a full annotated list of hoolock records, published and unpublished, for Myanmar, and (3) population estimates and threats assessments for both species throughout Myanmar based on various field surveys conducted by the authors for this project.

The resulting report gives a first picture of the conservation status of Myanmar’s hoolock gibbons in a regional, national and international context.

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