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Thomas Geissmann, Gibbon Research Lab., Zürich

Oct. 2003

The book "Vietnam Primate Conservation Status Review 2000 - Part 1: Gibbons" is the only book ever published on gibbon conservation. It was authored by Thomas Geissmann, Nguyen Xuan Dang; Nicolas Lormée and Frank Momberg.

The book not only includes a comprehensive status report for the gibbons of Vietnam, but also offers state-of-the-art chapters on systematics, distribution, behaviour and ecology of all gibbon taxa occurring in Vietnam, as well as an evaluation of the threats to Vietnamese gibbons and recommendations for their conservation.

The book was published in 2000 by Fauna & Flora International, Asia Pacific Programme Office in Hanoi. Because several interested readers found it cumbersome to order the book from Vietnam, I have now - in consent with the publisher - produced a PDF-file of the whole book, inlcuding all tables, figures and colour plates. The PDF-file has a size of 14 MB and can be downloaded freely from the website of the Gibbon Research Lab.

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Geissmann, T.; Nguyen Xuan Dang; Lormée, N. & Momberg, F., 2000: Vietnam primate conservation status review 2000 - Part 1: Gibbons. Fauna & Flora International, Indochina Programme, Hanoi. 130 pp. ISBN: 1-903703-03-4.


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