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Thomas Geissmann, Gibbon Research Lab., Zürich

March 2005

The Gibbon Journal is a new journal on gibbon conservation and gibbon research. Issue No. 1 is available now.

From the Editorial:
Welcome to the first issue of the Gibbon Journal. This is the official journal of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance (GCA). The GCA was founded in reaction to recent evidence that gibbons not only include the most endangered apes but also the most endangered primate species of the world. Several gibbon species are threatened by imminent extinction in the very near future. In addition, the small apes also represent the least known and most under-researched of the apes. The gibbons are the true neglected apes and need our help. The Gibbon Conservation Alliance is a non-profit organisation. Its goals are to save and protect the gibbons, to promote gibbon conservation, to provide information and support research on gibbons.

Articles from the Gibbon Journal Issue No. 1 (March 2005), 29 pages:

  • Thomas Geissmann: The Hainan black crested gibbon: The world's most endangered ape.
  • Cyril C. Grüter: The Nanguanhe rain forest in southwest China: One of the last habitats for Chinese gibbons.
  • Roger Konrad: Recording voices in Cambodia: A travelogue.
  • Thomas Geissmann: In search of the last gibbons of Hainan.

The Gibbon Journal is published once per year. It includes project reports on gibbon conservation and gibbon research, abstracts of recent theses on gibbons, reports on the activities of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance, details of future meetings, book reviews, and news of gibbon-related projects amongst other things. Articles can be in English or in German language, with abstracts, titles, and figure and table legends in both languages.

For more information, submitting articles, correspondence on previous articles, or if you are interested in advertising in the Gibbon Journal, please contact the Gibbon Conservation Alliance at
The first issue can be downloaded in PDF-format from the website of the
Gibbon Conservation Alliance.


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