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Thomas Geissmann, Gibbon Research Lab., Zürich

April 2006

The second issue of the Gibbon Journal is available now. It can be downloaded in PDF-format from the website of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance ( The Gibbon Journal is published once per year by the Gibbon Conservation Alliance. It includes project reports on gibbon conservation and gibbon research, abstracts of recent theses on gibbons, reports on the activities of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance, details of future meetings, book reviews, and news of gibbon-related projects.

From the Editorial:
The Gibbon Journal now accepts original papers written in German or English language. The title, summary and legends to figures and tables of each article will be available in either language. With this change, the editor hopes to make the Gibbon Journal not only accessible to a wider readership, but also attractive to a wider community of contributors.

Articles from the Gibbon Journal Issue No. 2 (April 2006), 56 pages:

  • Geissmann, T., Traber, S., and von Allmen, A. (2006). Das Nangunhe-Naturreservat, Provinz Yunnan, China: Ein Projektbericht [Nangunhe Nature Reserve, Yunnan Province, China: A project report]. (German text, English summary).
  • Geissmann, T. (2006). Schutz des Hainan-Schopfgibbons, des seltensten Menschenaffen der Welt: Ein Projektbericht [Conservation of the Hainan black crested gibbon, the most endangered ape species: A project report]. (German text, English summary).
  • Geissmann, T., Nijman, V., and Dallmann, R. (2006). The fate of diurnal primates in southern Sumatra.
  • Waller, M. S. (2006). Rain and Kloss's gibbons: A travelogue from the Mentawai islands in Indonesia.
  • Keith, S. A. (2006). Conservation status of the Kloss's gibbon (Hylobates klossii) in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.
  • Nijman, V. (2006). Trade in Bornean gibbons.
  • Geissmann, T. (2006). Forschungsbesprechung: Hulocks erhalten einen neuen Gattungsnamen [Research Review: Hoolocks get a new genus name]. (German text, English summary).
  • Dam, S. N. (2006). A short study on wild hoolock gibbons (Hoolock hoolock) in Assam and Bangladesh.

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