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Thomas Geissmann, Gibbon Research Lab., Zürich

April 2007

The third issue of the Gibbon Journal is available now. It can be downloaded in PDF-format from the website of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance ( The Gibbon Journal publishes original papers in English or German on all aspects of gibbon natural history. It is distributed electronically and published annually by the Gibbon Conservation Alliance.

Gibbon Journal Nr. 3: Cover Articles from the Gibbon Journal Issue No. 3 (April 2007), 80 pages:

Thomas Geissmann:
Status reassessment of the gibbons: Results of the Asian Primate Red List Workshop 2006

Roger Konrad and Thomas Geissmann:
Menschenrechte für Gibbons? Versuche mit Menschenaffen

Karen L. Payne and Clare Campbell:
Ex-situ conservation of the Javan silvery gibbon (Hylobates moloch)

Livia Haag:
Gibbons in the smoke: Experiences of a field study on Bornean white-bearded gibbons (Hylobates albibarbis) in Central Kalimantan (Indonesia)

Petra Österberg:
The vanishing ape of Bangladesh: A report from the hoolock gibbonís last stronghold in the country

Thomas Geissmann, Trinh Dinh Hoang, La Quang Trung, and Lucy Tallents:
A brief survey for crested gibbons in Bach Ma National Park, central Vietnam

Julia Ruppell:
The gibbons of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam

Thomas Geissmann:
First field data on the Laotian black crested gibbon (Nomascus concolor lu) of the Nam Kan area of Laos

Makiko Uchikoshi and Tetsuro Matsuzawa:
Tooth eruption in two agile gibbons (Hylobates agilis)


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