Ziggiotti, E., and Geissmann, T. (1987). Genetic polymorphisms in three Alpine populations (Visp valleys, Switzerland). International Journal of Anthropology 2: 1-20.

Genetic polymorphisms in three Alpine populations (Visp valleys, Switzerland)

E. Ziggiotti. & T. Geissmann

Anthropological Institute, University Zürich-Irchel

Key words: Genetic polymorphism; blood proteins; Visp valleys; Swiss populations; populations gentetics; gene frequencies.

Abstract: Phenotype distribution and allele frequencies of 13 blood proteins are presented for the populations of the three Visp valleys, situated in the Swiss Alps. Blood samples of a total of 883 individuals were electrophoretically analysed. The three populations were statistically compared with each other, and with an additional sample from the literature thought to be representative of the entire Swiss population. Statistical differences are revealed and genetic distances are presented. These results are interpreted in connection with differences between the Visp valleys in topological situation.

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