Thalmann, U., Geissmann, T., Simona, A., and Mutschler, T. (1993). The indris of Anjanaharibe-Sud, northeastern Madagascar. International Journal of Primatology 14: 357-381.

The indris of Anjanaharibe-Sud, northeastern Madagascar

U. Thalmann 1; T. Geissmann 1; A. Simona 2 & T. Mutschler 1

Anthropological Institute, University Zürich-Irchel, Switzerland
2 Poste de la RNI 12 Marojejy, Anapa, Madagascar

Key words: Indri; Madagascar; Indri indri; vocalization; duet song.

Abstract: During a short field trip to the Special Reserve of Anjanaharibe-Sud in northeastern Madagascar, data concerning pelage coloration, behavior (especially vocalization), and ecology of indris were collected. Anjanaharibe-Sud is the northernmost locality of indri distribution. In comparison to the better-known indris from the southern part of their distribution, the indris in this region show different pelage coloration. Several types of loud vocalizations are analyzed, based on a small sample of tape-recordings. Their song structure is more complicated than previously reported, containing distinct sequences of duetting. Data on behavior and ecology were collected by interviewing guides and local inhabitants. Some information contrasts with reports on the more southern indri populations. The conservations status of indris in Anjaharibe-Sud and the future of the reserve are outlined.

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