Geissmann, T. (2005): Auf der Suche nach den letzten Gibbons von Hainan. Gibbon Journal 1: 18-22 (German text, English abstract).

Auf der Suche nach den letzten Gibbons von Hainan

[ In search of the last gibbons of Hainan ]

Thomas Geissmann

Anthropological Institute, University Zürich-Irchel, Winterthurerstrasse 190, CH-8057 Zürich, Switzerland

Key words: Hylobatidae; Nomascus; conservation; Hainan island; China.

Abstract: In order to collect accurate information on the status of the nearly extinct Hainan black crested gibbon, I lead a comprehensive survey of the whole remaining rain forest of the Bawangling National Nature Reserve. The survey was carried out in October 2003 and was organised by the Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden (Hong Kong). Numerous teams were especially trained in order to participate in this true collaborative effort. We succeeded in carrying out a cout of the entire gibbon population. Our finding that the gibbons still survive can be regarded as the "good news". The "bad news" are that the population was determined to comprise only 13 gibbons. As a result of our survey, however, conservation efforts to save the Hainan black crested gibbon appear to be increasing.

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