Geissmann, T., 1989: A female black gibbon, Hylobates concolor subspecies, from northeastern Vietnam. International Journal of Primatology 10: 455-476.

A female black gibbon, Hylobates concolor subspecies, from northeastern Vietnam

T. Geissmann
Anthropological Institute, University Zürich-Irchel

Key words:
Black gibbon; Hylobates concolor hainanus; H. c. concolor; Vietnam; Hainan Island.

Abstract: The Hainan black gibbon, Hylobates concolor hainanus, was originally believed to be endemic to Hainan Island. The authors of some recent reports suggest that the species also occurs on the mainland in northeastern Vietnam (Dao Van Tien, 1983) and that it has only recently been exterminated in southwestern Guangxi Province, China (Fooden et al., 1987). Others disagree and propose that these populations should be identified as H. c. concolor (Ma and Wang, 1986; Ma et al., 1988). A female from northeastern Vietnam lived for many years at the Tierpark Berlin. This report provides a preliminary description of this adult female, demonstrating that it cannot be attributed to H. c. hainanus. In some characteristics the specimen resembles H. c. concolor, but in others it is unique. This female provides the first evidence that the distribution area of the proposed mainland population of H. c. hainanus in northeastern Vietnam also contains a previously unrecognized population which either belongs to H. c. concolor or possibly represents a new subspecies of the black gibbon (Hconcolor).

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