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Hylobates klossii

Short phrases of simple hoots, more complex hoots ("ow-oo") and short trills in males. Short phrases in females consisting of simple hoots and more complex hoots ("oo-wa"), but no trills. Female great call with an acceleration-type climax, like H. muelleri, with similar, fast bubbling note production, but becoming slower at the end of the great call. Great call very long, usually longer than in all other gibbon species. Male does not produce coda. Male solo song bouts and female solo song bouts. Duet songs absent.

a. male short phrases (Twycross Zoo, United Kingdom, 2 Oct. 1988)
b. great call sequnce consisting of female great call only (South Pagai, Indonesia, 27 Nov. 1987, rec.: R. R. Tenaza)

Hylobates klossii sound examples:
Press to start sound Solo song, adult solitary male "Bilou", Twycross Zoo, U.K., 2 Oct. 1988.
Press to start sound Solo song, adult mated female, Sinakak, South Pagai Island, Indonesia, 27 Nov. 1987 (rec. Richard R. Tenaza).
Press to start sound Solo song, female, Siberut, Mentawai, Indonesia, 1973 (rec. R.L. Tilson).