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Gibbon Video Gallery

This section offers video clips of various gibbon behaviours.

I have video material of only few species, and I would be happy to receive short clips from the visitors of this website (preferrentially MOV or another QuickTime-compatible format).

Clips of under-represented gibbon species or under-represented behaviours are especially needed. Gibbons are highly individualistic in their behaviour, and with every gibbon , can observe something new. In addition, the mental capacities of gibbons are largely unknown and clips providing evidence for gibbon cognition, insightful behaviour or tool use would be particularly welcome.

I would like to express my gratitude to the colleagues who kindly donated some of the clips presented here:

Andrea About, Andrea von Allmen, Claudia Bleisch, Amandine Chapelin, Yoichi Inoue, Sally Keith, Kai-Olaf Krüger, Katja Liebal, Juliane Münch, and Ralph Schwarz.

In order to see the video clips, select a species from the list below to see its video gallery:

Genus Other division names Species
Hylobates Lar group, dwarf gibbons H. agilis Agile gibbon
H. klossii Kloss's gibbon
H. lar White-handed gibbon
H. moloch Silvery gibbon
H. muelleri Müller's gibbon
H. pileatus Pileated gibbon
Hoolock Hoolocks H. hoolock Hoolock
Nomascus Crested gibbons, concolor group N. concolor Western black crested gibbon
N. sp. cf. nasutus Eastern black crested gibbon
N. gabriellae Yellow-cheeked crested gibbon
N. leucogenys White-cheeked crested gibbon
Nomascus hybrids Crested gibbon hybrids
Symphalangus Siamangs S. syndactylus Siamang

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