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This website offers a synopsis on the background and future plans for the Gibbon Network, a map of the gibbon distribution area that allows you to explore the different field sites related to gibbon research and reintroduction, and a survey for the users to fill out to provide additional information regarding the field sites.

The website's primary purpose is to disseminate information about gibbons to teachers, government officials, primatology students, and professionals based at zoos, sanctuaries, or universities. The site will include conservation issues, studbooks, surveys of the captive gibbon population, suggestions for wildlife policies, guidelines for housing and husbandry in zoo and sanctuary settings, a growing bibliography of gibbon-related publications, information on fieldwork opportunities and needs, rehabilitation and reintroduction concerns of relevance for gibbons, action items for the public (letter writing, petitions), and contact information for gibbon experts. (For a general introduction to gibbon biology and a description of gibbon taxonomy, please visit our companion site, the
Gibbon Research Lab.).

Some of these items are already presented on this website, others will be added as they become available. This site is updated regularly, so please check back frequently.

You Can Contribute

You can directly contribute! If you know any gibbon-related news and information, publications, websites, etc. please let us know. We will gladly put everything on this platform which will help to enhance the visibility of gibbons and their alarming status in the wild within and outside of their range countries. Please send us any entry that you feel belongs on this website. We will fully acknowledge any texts or data we can use.

Particularly high on our wish list are essays on gibbon conservation, suggestions for wildlife policies, guidelines for gibbon housing, and guidelines for gibbon rehabilitation and reintroduction.

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