In 1988, I was asked to redesign "Steini" for "Chumm mit", the youth journal of Pro Natura, a Swiss non-profit organization for conservation ( "Steini", a young ibex, was the mascot of the journal and should be an identification figure for young readers, guide them through the topics and present numerous conservation related issues and articles. The re-designed "Steini" received enthusiastic response from the readers. From1988 to 1994, I created model sheets and numerous "Steini" illustrations for the journal. The journal was later renamed after its star "Steini", and my art is still being used (see here).







Steini sketch

Steini model-sheet No. 6

Steini letterhead illustration

Steini forest scene

Steini model-sheet No. 7

December 1991. Steini sketch. Pencil drawing. April 1992. "Steini model-sheet No. 6". Ink drawing. July 1992. "Steini letterhead illustration", using the logo of the parent organization SBN. Ink drawing. July 1992. "Steini forest scene". Ink drawing. January 1994. "Steini model-sheet No. 7". Ink drawing.

Steini and Stryx

Pencils of rejected Stryx model-sheet

Banana peel gag

Pencils of Steini model-sheet No. 5

Steini model-sheet No. 5

November 1989. "Somehow I feel like someone's watching me..." Ink drawing. First drawing of the character "Stryx", an owl. I designed Stryx in order to welcome the SBN youth section for bird conservaton that had just joined the journal. Stryx was supposed to "co-moderate" the journal with Steini. January 1990. Preliminary pencil drawing for a planned "Stryx model sheet". Because the page was rejected, it remains uninked. January 1990. "Banana peel gag". Ink drawing. Done just for the fun of it. January 1990. Preliminary pencil drawing for "Steini model-sheet No. 5". February 1991. "Steini model-sheet No. 5". Ink drawing.

Steini model-sheet No. 1

Steini model-sheet No. 2

Steini model-sheet No. 3


Steini model-sheet No. 4

November 1988. "Steini model-sheet No. 1". Ink drawing. These is the first Steini art produced for the project. I am still trying to get a feel for the character. November 1988. "Steini model-sheet No. 2". Ink drawing. January 1989. "Steini model-sheet No. 3". Ink drawing. Here Steini is fully evolved. January 1989. Steini. Ink, pencils and overlay. September 1989. "Steini model-sheet No. 4". Ink drawing.