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Gibbon Photo Gallery

This section offers photographs of all gibbon species, as well as comments on the variability and significance of fur coloration.

(All photographs by Thomas Geissmann, unless noted otherwise)

Select a species from the list below to see its photo gallery:

Genus Other division names Species
Hylobates Dwarf gibbons, lar group Agile gibbon H. agilis
White-bearded gibbon H. albibarbis
Kloss's gibbon H. klossii
White-handed gibbon H. lar
Silvery gibbon H. moloch
Müller's gibbon H. muelleri
Pileated gibbon H. pileatus
Hoolock Hoolock gibbons Western hoolock H. hoolock
Eastern hoolock H. leuconedys
Nomascus Crested gibbons, concolor group Black crested gibbon N. concolor
Hainan crested gibbon N. hainanus
Cao-vit crested gibbon N. nasutus
Yellow-cheeked crested gibbon N. gabriellae
Southern white-cheeked crested gibbon N. siki
Northern white-cheeked crested gibbon N. leucogenys
Symphalangus Siamangs Siamang S. syndactylus

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