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The Gibbon Network was founded by Dr. Thomas Geissmann in order to connect people interested in gibbon research, connect field sites in South-east Asia specializing in gibbon research and reintroduction, and facilitate the exchange of gibbon-information and research news.

Please notice that this is an open site, meaning that you are invited to contribute to it. If you want to promote your own gibbon-related research projects, results or field sites, here is an opportunity. Send us gibbon-related texts, news items and information you would like to see on the Gibbon Network (studbooks, publications, news, ... ). If you find some information missing or being out of date on this website, please help us out.


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Button About Us: Information and background about the Gibbon Network
Button   Field Sites: A comprehensive survey of the existing research sites spezialised in gibbon research, as well as an input form for adding your own field site data to the list via e-mail
Button   Zoo Gibbons: A compilation of captive gibbons living in zoos and primate centers of the world, a list of all gibbon studbooks, and the contact addresses of the current studbook keepers.
Button   Projects: A list of all ongoing or recently completed gibbon-related projects we are aware of.
Button   Publications: A list of all new gibbon-related publications we are aware of.
Button Film & Video: A list of film and video documentaries on gibbons.
Button   Teach Texts: Gibbon fact sheets and other gibbon-related introductory texts for students and science teachers
Button   Gibbon News: The latest information on gibbon biology and conservation.

Please also visit the website of the Gibbon Research Lab. It is the companion site to the Gibbon Network and is frequently updated. It offers an introduction to the natural history of the gibbons or small apes (Hylobatidae), a review of gibbon systematics and gibbon singing behavior, a photo and sound gallery of all gibbon species, complete research articles on various aspects of gibbon biology, and a comprehensive list of gibbon-related links. The following pages of the Gibbon Research Lab. can be directly accessed here:
Button Systematics: An introductory text to gibbon systematics
Button   Photo gallery to all gibbon species
Button   Sound gallery to all gibbon species
Button   Video gallery to most gibbon species
Button   Links to other gibbon- or primate-related sites