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Die Gibbons (Hylobatidae):
Eine Einführung

The Gibbons (Hylobtidae):
An Introduction

by Thomas Geissmann

This part of our site offers a comprehensive introduction to gibbon biology.

I thank Lucy Birkett for her help with the English translation of chapters 4 and 5.

A slightly modified version of this introduction was published in:

Geissmann, T. 2003: Vergleichende Primatologie. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg & New York, ISBN 3-540-43645-6 (German Text).



1. Die Gibbons im Rahmen der Hominoidea 1. The gibbons within the Hominoidea
2. Systematik 2. Systematics
3. Verbreitung 3. Distribution
4. Typische Merkmale 4. Typical characteristics
5. Fortbewegung 5. Locomotion
6. Verhaltensökologie 6. Behavioral ecology
7. Ontogenese 7. Ontogeny
8. Die Gibbons in China 8. The gibbons in China
9. Gibbon-Forschung im Wandel der Zeit 9. Gibbon research and its changes over time
10. Literatur 10. References

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